You have spoken to me

Through many masks

You used masks of different

Genders, ages, sizes.

You spoke through symbols

You gave me challenging problems

that had eerie resemblance to my own

Names of any one or everyone

Who hurt me without a second thought

Were shown in a light kinder to them

Than me…..

Prescribing me to exhibit a kindness

that I had actually shown already

hence suffered

I had no right to anger

You wanted me to be angry

in a place where it

would be unprofessional

nobility could only be professional

You tutored many to follow

Being repeatedly deliberately

made to experience a trauma vicariously

I had resolved in the past

Hence free to forget with time

If you did not remind…..


This journey taught you the resilience

of a victim

This sojourn taught me to mourn the

Malice of an abuser….


Now do not try to arrange for

a romance or friendship

with anyone of your pawns or you

You have already written

The  epilogue.




14 thoughts on “EPILOGUE

  1. You touched up most parts of relatable occurrences. It is justly rousing that you could give words to these sentiments, stifled anger, unfazed perceptions and revering emotional state, that too in a poem which is relevant to millions around. It must have taken a lot of mettle, thoughtfulness and strength to write such a heart wrenching yet beautiful poem.


  2. Ah …such a sensitive comment . Gratitude.
    To reach out to those who are abused in such a civilized manner , hence rendered speechless and shame is so overwhelming that it demands expression made me write this.
    We all want to be loved and liked , but others are tutored how to push your buttons and which ones to push by the one master mind who merely wants you to fall for “fake love” …..The one which could have become real if not for his interference , I see this in many lives.
    Thank you so much for highlighting that it can happen to many people… Did not know how good it feels to be understood , till I read your comment.
    If there is more than gratitude , I feel that too 🙂 🙂


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