Nights are out side of this clock

Like another season I once knew

Nothing moves here


The cot grows colder

The house has grown bigger than last year

So also the distance between the walls

My heart is not ready to go on forever

Yet it does beat like a reluctant worker

with out pay

vigilant as always


Nights are longer this winter

Sky remains dark  .

I can see the inhuman stars light years away

I set my poems free with out a residual life



Jnanesh came to the seats in which Madhu and AD were seated, “We saw the rushes, AD you look great man, you will be remembered” Madhu just looked down, which is what she always did when Jnanesh was around. Eye was the opening of the mind; she wanted to close as many eyes as possible when this man was around. Since she did not bother to be interested about how she looked he said“Madhu, we have found a dubbing artist with a voice exactly like yours, it will sound real” Madhu managed a neutral smile. Varadraj had often complimented Madhu’s fluent Kannada, impeccable dialogue delivery, a clear voice, Jnanesh did not want to show case that talent, as she remained “Eureka”. Her disguise, her antithesis was mute.Nisha walked in from somewhere and sat next to him “ Dad,what did you tell, Madhu aunty, she should sing for your film, she sang such a melodious lullaby for me you know?” Jnanesh was flustered, now he looked down.

Madhu corrected“That was because you were sleepy, when we are hungry all food looks tasty, when we are sleepy even lectures in a class sound like lullaby” AD and his friends laughed, the moment of confrontation was over.




I have been nominated for the versatile blogger award by

Thank you , writtentherapy as I have known her.

Morgan  has been a dear friend in the blog world

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I thank all my readers for making this experience so wonderful for me , I am honored by all the awards I have received so far in the blog world. I am humbled by you noticing me and giving me the awards……

Seven random things about me…..

I like red as a color and most of my clothes are red.

I love my job , it has made me a wiser person .

I am truly secular in my faith , I liked Yann Martel’s life of Pie as it speaks of a boy who was punished for believing in all Gods. I have zero tolerance for intolerance.

In my 11th standard , I went to a new college ( Because of a serious respiratory problem I was hospitalized for 40 days prior to that ) I suddenly became very shy , because I did not want anyone to look at me , I did not give attendance for 1 month in the class, if I said “present” all would look at me ! . I did conquer it and received a crown as a beauty pageant 7 years later. It was important for my psychological health to win that crown.

I  could tell a lie to save a life , especially of a child.

I felt most disillusioned when I realized there was no Santa Claus , all were actors.

The first poem that made me cry was in my mother tongue , it was a song ” Be clever my little jasmine you are born a girl and God loves us a little less”   .I have identified 10 bloggers , I am not sure how many followers they have , but  I have been here for 6 months and those who I have newly discovered I am nominating.












At first I merely saw the blooms 
Butterflies sitting on soft petals
Green leaves hidden behind the flowers
They were the real shy ones
In their green palms, I saw 
tender venous branches 
etching of life lines 
Dry leaves decorating the soft ground
Carrying human footprints
Yellowing decayed leaves
adding manure  
A solemn pond reflecting 
a melancholic sky 
Burnt ashes of firewood 
mementoes of shared human warmth
Barbed wires at the edges
Creeping with navy blue flowers
One wild jungle bird 
perched on the watered tree branch 
among the green foliage 
singing a monotonous song 
in a stubborn voice..... 


My heart is a little clown

She does cartwheels

On bumpy roads

You will laugh at her red nose

and tearful laughter

My head is a dwarf

She wont scale the heights

She consoles the clown who falls

And falls , holding out a torn net

My body is a tamed  animal

She obeys the ring master

Jumping across rings of fire

The master who put a ring

around her  unfaithful neck


They name years after animals

Dog year ,ox year , year of the Rooster

So that much passion is left

In this year

In this last wild month of dog year

Call it Yin or feminine

And break the line

All the lines cloth line

Head line, including the life line

I can call it food and untangle the

knots of noodles , sticks straighten

them, swallow them like worms

swallow them like worms

And say Acuna Machado

Like a lost frightened lion cub

I can make manchow soup

put it in  white porcelain

Saying it is  an experiment

In a petri -dish ,taste it.

Watch the peaceful ambassadors

with bald heads and long plaits

Small puffed eyes like Huen-Tsang

Who may never sing

I can make pleated skirts

From their fans for dolls

Or veils to hide the rejection fears

In a bridal sketch .

A culture of drinking tea

And recall ceremonies

Hearing the wind

In chiming bells

If the perfect man is in china ,

It is in this planet . Loyalty of

this year licks recent wounds

hidden in the weeks of the weak end

I don’t think the perfect man

In China can have your discerning


He may not be perfect.

( All the best imported toys I ever got was from China, So I believed as a child everything best was from China. 🙂


It has been a wonderful experience to be nominated for  sunshine blogger award by dreamsdoodledraw blog .

Thank you Samuditha !

Kindly visit her blog and I have been following her.


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1.What inspires you to blog?

I work 6 days a week 9to 4.30 as a psychiatrist in India. I am an artist I miss art , I sometimes fear losing my feelings and thoughts , as I hear and treat people in distress all through the week. I started to blog to find an artistic vent or sublimation of my own feelings in a non intrusive manner to those who are willing and kind enough to read me.

2.Who’s your favorite singer/band right now?

There is a band called “Poets of the fall” I love all their numbers.

3.Who’s your favorite superhero and why?

My favorite heroines are Maya Angelou, Alice Walker , Madam Curie.

Heroes are Albert Schweitzer, Victor Frankl , Antonio Banderas , Steven Spielberg…A long list. I can not find only one.

4.How many times have you had a near-death experience (NDE?)

Several times. As an asthmatic in childhood , I was critically ill 3 times , gasping after chest infections. Once on the bike I could have come under a bus , once while climbing a peak, Next  I was sexually assaulted, twice my patients attempted suicide in front of me, twice I was emotionally blackmailed with threats of suicide for 4 hours and 6 hours at night , I had to talk them out of suicide, I shared the near death experience , that was similar to death for me also.  Once I was knocked down on the road by a biker who drove in a no entry road , this was few months ago.  Yeah , I have had a brave life against death 🙂

5.1-story or 2-story house?

1 story house.

6.What is one thing you wish you could change about your life?

I can not answer this honestly here.

7.What is one of the best life decisions you’ve made?

To continue as a doctor and declining the second movie assignment and doing MD psychiatry instead.

8.If you could tell your self from 10 years ago one thing, what would you say?

Please be confident , do not harm your self, you are a very good human being. Stop feeling guilty for not fighting back a sexual assault and being paralyzed , stop doubting your self, do not succumb to cyber stalkers and hackers of your E-mail accounts. Do not get perturbed by silent treatment and ostracism.

9. How do you get out of bed in the morning? (Throw the covers off, roll out, etc.)

I wake up and say a prayer in bed and fold my hands and look at them . It is a custom in our faith.

10.Would you rather lose your eyesight or hearing?

Neither is an option. My eyes will lead the blind and my ears will hear the deaf. Disability is not a voluntary choice. Should never be. I work on rehabilitation of the disabled.

Thank you for the questions



The above mentioned are my nominations. If they decline or have already received the award they are free to nominate 11 others.

My questions are

  1. What would you choose Love for one man/ woman or an opportunity to serve the humanity ?
  2. If you had to choose between adoption or reproducing your own child what would you prefer ?
  3. Which is the first poem that made you cry ?
  4. When did you  first realize that love is important  ?
  5. If you could describe your mother in one sentence what would it be ?
  6. What do you think can make a person feel at home , if you were the host ?
  7. Which was a turning experience in your life ?
  8. What makes your life most precious according to you ?
  9. Have you ever loved an animal ?
  10. IF you could talk to yourself after 10 years what would you say ? or how do you visualize yourself after 10 years ?