A small bottle swimming

Alone in a stormy sea

Disentangled from weeds

Disenchanted with star fish

By passing hard shell  with an

uncertain pearl

Lifeless form ignored by sharks

Small size unnoticed by huge ships

Reached the shore riding

On the bigger hand of a broken clock

Some feared inside was a witch

Others sneered one more bitch

I wonder , is it a signal from

that other world ?

Of silent life or love ?

Is it the cry of an explorer

Who lost his flag or his home ?

Is it an appeal to rescue a dying dream ?

2 thoughts on “MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

  1. I wonder if it is a broken promise?
    Or whether it is describing a story’s premise…
    I wonder whether it has some dreams within
    That wait to be released to they can come true…
    I wonder if it has the curse from the one above
    That life is as life is true!!!

    I just thought of contributing a few lines of my own to the post 🙂 I enjoyed the read…cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved your additions. A poem has done its job if readers want to answer the questions raised by the poem or if readers find similar questions. So heart felt thanks for reading and adding…..:-)


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