Some worship only the cross

With an absent Christ

Some worship only the head 

with an absent body 

Some worship only the snake 

with an absent deity  

Some worship only the river 

Not  her end in the ocean 

I worship the tree sheltering damaged Gods.

{ In India , the statue of a God should not have any defect

It is considered inauspicious to worship a damaged God. 

Hence damaged gods are abandoned below a tree in front 

of the temple. No one worships those Gods. Nor the tree.}

12 thoughts on “DAMAGED GODS

  1. This piece was very beautifully written! I love Hindu mythology, but I wasn’t aware of any the ‘damaged gods’– I really would like to know more about them. Thank you for bringing it to my attention 🙂


  2. Of what I knew was that we don’t keep damaged idold at home at home we usually sink them in the holy rivers. Metaphorically the tree is the is the refuge for weary battered souls.you have used it beautifully.


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