Sirish waved to her, motioned her to come. She walked towards him; they smiled at each other, a shy smile of two human beings who were shy of their deep knowledge of each other’s movements.He looked at the black diary, she had stuck some stickers of angels over them, and she covered them with her palm, self conscious. “So you write also? What about?”

“Some scrappy feelings, angry undelivered dialogues” There was a stiffness, on both sides. He looked at her with a kind of apology “ I am avoiding you, because I don’t want people to link us up .Now to come to the point, there is a bathroom scene, totally unimportant to the script, just the close up of the face will do so don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. For the  first night song / scene you will wear a black nightie, lacy stuff, just pin the neckline, length is decent, I will cover the rest” He looked down. She thought of black lacy nightie, she had never worn anything lacy, she hated even curtains with lace. He saw her stricken face, “There is a chapel here down the lane want to come?”


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