Madhu was directed by the assistant director for the bathroom scene where she had to call out to Asha, they did not bother to tell the costume, when Madhu politely enquired there was a general laughter, “Absence of costumes is bath”.It was just the formula, when we have a fresh heroine, we show her off by a bath, romance, first night scene, etc. Sirish came marching from behind the camera  called Madhu to follow him to the bathroom, he ran the tap over liquid soap , bubbles formed rainbow colours shining over the silver white foam, he said firmly “ Smear it on your head, on your face , leave out the eyes, close your eyes when the camera is rolling” Madhu just looked down at her jeans, he  continued “The costume is just fine, I am not looking at your body , damnit, just put your face out , peep out, hide behind the door” as Madhu smeared the soap over her face and head, some soap got into her eyes, but she kept a straight face, Sirish was behind the camera by then, the shot was over in a minute.

He did not allow the assistant director to think at all, by then Madhu‘s lack of ambition was common knowledge, they did not want an incomplete film, so they did not coerce her. After the shot Sirish severely ignored her, did not even meet eyes with her, he made her feel guilty for her naivete. Saviours died many more times than those who got saved, they seldom claimed medals.


4 thoughts on “BATH ROOM SCENE

  1. “bubbles formed rainbow colours shining over the silver white foam,” reminds me of God’s covenant with Noah, “when i bring clouds over the earth and the bow is seen in the clouds, i will remember my covenant that is between me and all flesh, and the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh.” don’t know if you were aware of this when you wrote this piece, but that Madhu is saved of the nudity and shame in this scene amplifies this passage. brilliant allusions all round.


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