In my body he searched

For another’s territory

I felt like the wounded ground invaded by careless hands

The forest in my blood uprooted

As he explored the corners and crevices

For the signature of an absent rival

My thoughts were black and blue

I am not sure how these nameless

illiterate  dreams escaped as poems…..

6 thoughts on “ESCAPED DREAMS

  1. Something’s always missing, in your works, I don’t know what but it just seems hastened or rather incomplete. I’m sorry for being so vague but it’s kinda awry in pieces I guess, like a collage has all the perfect elements but doesn’t fit well when coalesced. It’s what I think anyway.

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  2. Thank you for your comment. A poem is supposed to hit you like a slap. It should make you feel what was felt while writing. You have given me the best comment , because you understood that it was a sense of incomplete closure that made me write this poem . There are two distinctly different feelings that caused this poem . There was a common theme of violated boundaries , in two different levels. I will work on coalescing them. Point taken. Thank you. Poem is complete if it gave you the sense of incompletion,


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