Displaced patella

Knocked knees

I can’t kneel

Till I heal

It is a matter of hurt

Not a subject of pride

An erasure hole

Left by a perfect letter

A castle in the sand

Washed away by a single wave

(Written as a tribute  to a child  subjected to punishment of having to kneel outside the classroom , till she said sorry for a mistake of having eaten gooseberries in the classroom .The child never said sorry , stood out for 1 week.Time out can be humiliating)


12 thoughts on “HURT

  1. In a class of 35 students , most of them ate gooseberries and threw the seeds in the class room. When teacher asked who ate the gooseberries , only one lifted her hand. Teacher obviously knew one can not eat so many. She punished the one who accepted. No one else accepted. The one who was punished did not betray her friends. Yet would not apologize for being honest . She went to school every day and stood out of the class room , wishing for at least one friend to accept , no one did. Finally after , 7 days of this ordeal mother saw that feet were swollen , realized that her daughter , all of 11 years will never say sorry . So paid a visit to the school and explained to the teacher that her daughter will neither betray the others nor say sorry. So , finally teacher said ” Sorry ” . Child went back to school.


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