His big brown eyes

shadowed by soft lashes

Glaring with dark anger

Those familiar much dreaded

furrows on his face forming  a frown

( As he refused a dish over cooked

or undercooked by mother )

His big bear like paws

which often intertwined with my

puny fingers attempting to

transfer their strength

to mine , held my

chemistry test note book

Nuns in the school

Demanding parental interference

As much as their own

My poor performance leaving

no mark on my soft brain

Until it carried the mark

of father’s disapproving


Fort pages notebook

carrying his contemptuous

signature , stained by tears

Forty days later same notebook

with highest marks

was marked by mother’s smiling signature

Now, I have a stethoscope

to listen to my father’s heart beats

My fingers rating his pulse

Are almost as long as his , thinner , yet puny

In his big brown eyes I see helpless need

to protect me from the world

All along I thought he threatened me

When he is not in town ,

I wet his shirts in dark cupboards

for not letting him to mark my notebook

with highest marks



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