I  did not fall in love I was rising from underground

I had nothing left to lose , then I found myself

It was not because you were the last man on earth

It was because you were the first man who understood more than my kith and kin

Best things about me was unsaid, I realized it as you strained to hear the silence

We had  mirror neurons in common ,synapse was like fission

You drop your eyes when you know you are wrong , I do that when I am shy

I confess, it was scary to be understood …devastating to be misunderstood

We  both  were attracted to pain , small  wonder we are not together.




4 thoughts on “SMALL WONDER

  1. i like this immensely. this happens to everyone, but then you find the one who doesn’t make you feel, “…scary to be understood …devastating to be misunderstood.” you just need to believe whatever it is will pass. brilliant!

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