Until my body melted

you  would not accept my flower

Until my heart
chanted your name
with every beat
my sandal wood did
not emit any fragrance

Until my eyes
were enlightened
Holy fire did not
Light up your face

Until my mind was
Clouds of incense did
not clarify vision

Until I was battered
by experimenting extremists
You would not accept my fruits

Now, that you are in my hands
I can’t fathom , why you chose me ?
Tell me , God why you chose me ?

( This is an adaptation of a Kannada devotional poet Akka Mahadevi of 12th century . She was a merchant’s daughter forcibly married to the king Kaushik , she refuses to consummate the wedding leaves his palace stark naked covering herself with long tresses of her hair and sings songs of Lord Shiva claiming to be the bride  of God . Her poetry has submission to emotionally unavailable perfect reality of  a God. She was sexually harassed until she reached Anubhava Mantap of Allama Prabhu another man in search of God. These devotional poets belong to a cult  and their short verses were called “vachana” . There are several native forms of Haiku in Indian vernacular languages, Vachanas is one of them. It was called the ” Bhakti movement” or the movement of devotion replacing the rituals )

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