“To  get irritated , is to lose our way in life – Haruki Murakami in Wild sheep chase “

I won’t be another number

In your case file

OP number  or IP number

Lucky or unlucky number

Your favorite number on FM Radio

Your correct number of shoe size

An old telephone number

sadly out of date with less

number of digits

Don’t add  me to your feathers

in the caps or pillows  or

Minus me from your accounts

That do not tally

Don’t count the number

of hours I made you wait

Make it years or lives

Does it matter ?

Love does not keep accounts


4 thoughts on “COUNT DOWN

  1. Thank you. Van der Kolk B.A has this beautiful theory about how body keeps the score of all the hurts. And Published Traumatic stress : The effects of overwhelming experience on mind, body and society ( Pg 214-241) New York , Guilford Press.
    I was trying to undo the hurts , by uncounting the numbers.
    As always you get the essence of my poems.
    Brilliant observation.


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