Sunrise in a mortuary
Moon rise in a monastery
Ancient love letter of an
emotionally unavailable lover
A bonfire of memories
Unsent valentine’s card
searching for an address
An unbroken heart line
mockingly rising towards
an idealistic mount of Jupiter
The smell of your perfume on another
The back of somebody else
a gait or stance or voice
that resembles yours
I look disinterested with effort
It can not be “You”
Loneliness has many metaphors
The one I never spell
is you.

5 thoughts on “LONELINESS

  1. love how you’ve used “Loneliness has many metaphors,” in reverse in this poem – a lover becomes a stranger in the house of his lover, soon he leaves taking his voice and his love to some other woman on whom he leaves a distinguished scent, meanwhile his lover has valentine cards to send him, but all she has are a ‘bon fire of memories’ from letters from the absent lover, these memories drive her to a monastery where loneliness drives her to her death and she ends up amongst souls who can’t hear her story of loneliness in a cold lonely mortuary.


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