One cup of coffee
left with out a single sip
One packet of potato wafers

The strip of pyrexia on the
forehead , skips , hops
The bones of teakwood cot
have put on some flesh

I hear the cry of the violins
like rain fall

Everything darkens at
this close distance

A limitation of cones
Only rods work in the dark

His heart thumps over mine
My breath gets shorter

This gum does not stick
Nor does it seal

Like octopus unwinds automatically
the key of a music box
silently out of order

Eight limbs sort out into four hands
and four legs only half are mine

The loss is acute inside
fever falls without a trace
Every muscle aches
Fresh bleed

Here I thought poems left along with you
they did not stay like memories

7 thoughts on “LISTEN TO THE RAIN FALL

  1. Freudian psychoanalysis, reflections of Sylvia Plath and also Carl Jung’s concepts of collective consciousness. Quite a narrative you have penned.
    This is what I could comprehend from the read. I am sorry if my
    interpretations were completely off the mark.


  2. Yeah , off the mark …
    This is scientific knowledge that inner layer of retina , has rods and cones , rods work for night vision and cones work for light. It is a sort of pun intended.
    No father figure here.
    Fever is a metaphor of an illness / helplessness
    Written 9 years ago.
    Thank you for the comment.


  3. i read this quite differently as a rape of an innocent child by three callous men, and this why:

    “Only rods (male genitalia) work in the dark (illicit affair)/His heart thumps over mine (obvious reference to adult and a child)/My breath gets shorter (suffocation)/This gum (semen) does not stick/Nor does it seal (reseals the broken hymen)/Like octopus (many male hands) unwinds automatically/the key of a music box (female genitalia)/silently out of order (forced entry)/Eight legs (three men and the child) sort out in to four (last man and the child)/The loss (virginity) is acute inside/fever?(mixed feeling of pleasure and pain) falls with out a trace/Every muscle aches (being the first time)/Fresh bleed (due to forced penetration – first time).

    however one reads it, a brilliant poem.


  4. Interesting how much more can be seen and understood in some images. Originally to indicate just one to one force ,” 8 legs , should have been 8 limbs. 4 hands and 4 legs only half are mine”.
    You have understood the rest of it completely. For a while my poetry was so misunderstood , that I began to write prose, readers like you , reinstate my faith in that genre !
    Even if one man understood it , that was enough for me.
    Thank you.


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