She was 13 in the ICU her right arm was amputated 8 days ago, I read through the case file she was removing clothes from the line on the terrace that was dangerously close to electric live wire, she touched accidentally and all the tissues were charred. Her little brother of six years had touched her with a wooden parrot , hence she did not die. License to construct unauthorized floors ” Damn ” I muttered.
She asked me several questions about wound healing and when she could have an artificial limb, could she draw with that? She was right handed. I explained about ambidexterity latent in all our brains, how young her brain was and she could do it all with her left arm as well…. Mother needed “de briefing”
I worried over “Phantom limb phenomenon”… explained it to the mother.
I met her after 12 weeks she showed me the drawing of a Goddess with 12 hands,that she had drawn in her left hand “For you” she said shyly..She shook hands with me with her left hand,carried a little sister in left arm , smiled and said ,
“God may need so many hands,for me even one is enough”

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