She was relieved; there was no spark between them at all. She was too young to know that relationships grow, not all of them happen in an instant and mind is not the only landscape available for a man to make a start. Perhaps mind was the only untouched aspect of a woman even in a marriage.

They made small polite conversations with each other, about weather, politics, and education. He seemed informed of brands, pubs, designer clothes, turf club, imported cars. Like the cool bubbles of champagne, uncomplicated high society kid. A last bench student of the classroom, he went to school because his mother had to attend kitty parties, and ayah could not be bothered the whole day. The first bench kid who came to school to get the first rank was also uncomplicated, secure with parental ambitions to be fulfilled, with a preplanned map of chalked out routes in front of him, and girls like her who sat next to whoever loudly wanted them had a problem. They had nothing in common.He was impoverished of emotions having listened to “Baby don’t cry I will buy you a BMW’ He needed to be enrolled in kindergarten if he had to learn the lessons of complicated love, simple betrayals,hopeless passion, unrealized dreams of mundane human existence.He had never longed for anything that could not be bought,he seemed to have just the right amount of money to buy anything he really cared about. She was amazed to learn that one has to have experienced a life with limited budget,to know what money can’t buy. If they had chanced to meet anywhere else they would not have given a second thought or glance to one another.

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