One dress in blue chiffon was designed by her, there was a quiet disapproval by the director as the length of the skirt was too long, and they wanted a view of her legs. Vineetha altered the dress at the last minute wanting it to be tighter, so the dress was opened up and the stitches were put while she wore it, the whole unit waiting for her, She was consoled that the length was not reduced. The song demanded her to express sarcasm, not romantic mushy emotion, so she managed. Camera man Sirish came up to her, while everyone was eating and said “I will let you know the angle being focussed in the camera before hand, so chill. Don’t alter garments, this is your first film kid, you have a long way to go” she looked up to Sirish “ This is my last film Sirish, incomplete projects haunt me so I am completing it . I rather alter the skirt than myself as a sex symbol to suit their needs, it was not mentioned in the contract”
But his discretion deserted him faced with tears of outraged modesty, no matter how incongruous it looked to others ” What you don’t want to show will not be shown, that is a promise, now wipe your tears”. True to his word, he managed to find her before most of the shots, would give her one word commands, “ cleavage” “waist” “legs” …she covered up those parts; Sirish would give her an approving nod. So he had to look at all those parts she did not want to be seen, the process of protecting her demanded that,it embarrassed their friendship by an intimacy of looks. Madhu could not face him when the camera was out of their way. After all she could hide the skin, not the form.

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