But to his surprise, shyness disappeared and a certain gravity gripped her eyes when he touched them with colour.He tried different shades of shadow, earth colours suited her but he could not try any bold colour, instead of brightening they made her eyes look more dull.All the colors were inside her eyes, they rebuffed external applications. Now this face looked older with make up, he concluded.

He started to define the lips and coloured them a shade which was a brownish red. Now he was overjoyed, he had solved the riddle, he had secured the password. “Lips” were the keys to this face, all the glamour was here, she needed to use make up here. So she cheated with her lips, he was amused with this thought. The entire body, even strands of her hair bristled with that rash honesty, but lips belonged to an artist. So she probably used them to smile when she actually wanted to cry, keep a stiff upper lip when she rather break, lie with her tongue even when her actions betrayed truth, may even kiss when she rather tear up the person. True actor projected what he or she did not feel, with expertise, and often could not express what he really felt except as someone else. Now this woman strongly expressed what she felt, not a single bone of lie was in her body, but for these lips. He wondered about the stiff shy body which cringed with every other touch, making him realize that he was a man. He had seen these so called ‘fresh’ girls, virgins accompanied by their mummies or uncles. But the flavour here was different, something almost pathologically sensitive, like the new skin over a ripe wound. She conferred on him a certain kind of innocence that he had forgotten. He did not even remember when he had felt so innocent, long ago when he had returned a two rupee coin he had stolen from a temple after much soul searching in childhood.


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