Independence day arrives once a year
Several aged criminals are let out of the jail
Though their crimes may have died
Living victims may have stopped
regretting why they spoke of rape
How justice did not change their life
Many no longer remember who they are
What freedom ?
Why freedom ?
Tricolored flags are sold at the traffic signals
By a dishevelled woman with a baby
in a bag around her neck
She says ” I have not eaten”
Her eyes look hungry
As I fiddle my purse
There is a competitor,a transgender
Smiling at me with red lipstick
I am lucky, pay for my luck
Children dressed as Gandhi and Nehru
are carried to the school by parents
in a hurry to take that photograph
Whatever they may be in future
And imagine the selfies to be sent from
any country except India to be cherished
in the future by these parents

I recall the sound of jingles on my anklets
When you walked ahead of me
Those were the minutes I thought should never end
Those few minutes I felt ridiculously free………

(Indian Independence day is celebrated on August 15)

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