How does it feel to be married ?
I asked her after her marriage,when she was back to college.
She looked blank,”It was bearable” was her answer.
She was in love with him,she said she could not bear to not see him for a day,for an hour,they looked so good together,I expected to hear Omar Khayyam from her or something similar.
I sat next to her waiting.She saw my face and said “You are innocent, hopeless romantic aren’t you?”
I thought of her the same way!
“In his village near Tehran , they had this custom that we had to sleep on a white bed sheet and the blood stains on it had to be displayed like a curtain after the first night on the window. They did it. He wanted us to follow the customs”

Picture : is taken from a survey conducted in Delhi , asking boys if they wanted their wives to be virgins ? 89% said yes, and gave their reasons.
The survey was conducted in 2012 and interviewed 600 boys aged 21-28years.

10 thoughts on “BLOOD AND WOMAN

  1. sadly, that custom obtains in some parts of Africa. it virtually forms the basis of Sidi’s refusal of Lakunle, and Lakunle’s final offer after she sleeps with Baroka before marriage. i guess between Emma Goldman (who implies marriage dehumanizes the woman) and Mae West who says “Marriage is a fine institution,” one of them speaks the truth about marriage. brilliant micro-fiction. loaded with unstated innuendos. like the ending – we call this technique ‘the discovery of the ordinary’.

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    1. Intrudesite: ‘The Lion and the Jewel’ is a play by Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka. Not a novel. It had a successful staging in London too. The main knot is based on the so-called ‘loosing virginity’ and the ‘ bride price’. I have read the play not seen it enacted. ‘fkregieblog’: I have always been in awe when I read something new about Emma. History is made only by such a few women to name. The ‘sufferings’ she and Alexander had to face was remarkable for that age and times.but she did distance herself from the first wave feminism

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      1. i agree with you. that’s why i feel her essay ‘Marriage and Love’ doesn’t do her legacy any good. but i agree totally with you about her place in history.


  2. But on a positive note – lots of people smiled today because they genuinely found positive and good reasons to do so. I mean – have you seen how many pictures of cute kittens there are on the internet? Seriously – we need to get a piece of that action – yes? 🙂


  3. I have smiled today for other reasons , thank you.
    Creative writing is not always a flash back nor autobiographical. It shows a reality that many may not see nor choose to respond appropriately. Pushing it under the rug or drawing a curtain , does not change the horror for those who live it even today…..


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