You had to desire me to know then
when you were a child
it was done without your desire
to a childish body
it was abuse.
A visceral insight
A desire in the mind
Returned the innocence
To the body of a child
In a grown man
It was possible since I wore the same
slippers for many more years
With dismembered petals
We parted with all our clothes on us
With out penetrating physically
Like a pair of bandages to each other
That light in your eyes
A smile on my lips
Sense of safety when we watched
the pigeons fly
A pool of rain water beneath the door that was ajar
Promising to visit each other in dreams.
You never do.

8 thoughts on “BRUISED INNOCENCE

  1. this is touching. especially the lines ‘… i wore the same/slippers for many more years/With dismembered petals.’ not just in the way it underlines the enduring hurt but in the way it infers a passing on of the nature of the abuser or the bestiality. i say this latter but picking up on the pun ‘slippers’. to me this means either similar abusers or many abused – as the abused grows into an abuser. i also like how you paired the essence of growth and beauty (petals) with something trodden upon (slippers). you have captured the emotions quite well in this piece. well done.

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  2. “A visceral insight” Yes, indeed, and an uncomfortable debate goes on within, even when the mind wants to look at the future, the body wishes to ponder over the past and the changes that have happened due to certain incidents.

    Bandages do heal if it has a generous coating of compassion and kindness. Finally, with time recuperating and the wings will embrace freedom of the skies.

    Exceptionally well written and brilliant choice of words to express the feelings.

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