He was so angry yelling ,”Fight me back,Give me war,destroy me or I will” He had taught me to play chess , Sicilian defense , French defense I had become an expert of defensive moves. Tonight his game was so different, if I did not offend I would lose. He was always patronizing in his game, tonight he was not. We loved each other he was my brother,friend,philosopher.We lived apart,he was my father’s brother’s son. After losing four games,the last to a pawn like an idiot, I entered the chess board. I used my brain, every thing I remembered,anything I could do to upstage his act,it was will power which was a natural force, a waterfall. I was a powerhouse. He was no less, he got me angry each time he tried to think ahead of me, guess my move. I started to behave out of character, I was no longer predictable. His Cheiro’s palmistry of my brain and how it behaves when under threat took a 360 degree turn. He systematically lost, though he fought valiantly , when I had his black queen , our eyes met …I have seen that look only once in my life, I had never known admiration till then .
(He had chased away my maternal cousin who was misbehaving with me that evening after I had asked for help)
After he lost the game, he was weeping …I did not know why . I was 14 and just knew he wanted me to win. He wrote in a piece of paper “That scum bag said because you were silent, you liked him touching you, if you had murdered him , I would arrange for a bail”
After he died, I forgot chess.

9 thoughts on “FIGHT BACK

  1. liked how chess is used as a metaphor for life in this piece. but more significant is the the line ‘…because you were silent.’ chess is a ‘war’ game that depends on out-thinking your opponent silently. for her, having learnt to play chess, silence will never be submissive – it will be a pretext to out-smarting the aggressive silently. i take ‘i forgot chess.’ to mean, ‘i stopped playing games – for the chess that life is.’ nice one!

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  2. 🙂 I had no memory of my comment on this ! Don’t know why I didn’t question back then . Have two doubts on this post ma’am . I had to re-read it today . One of my favorite ones from you 🙂
    1. I didn’t completely understand what you meant by I can never see you fight and rather protect you . . . Fighting is not advisable why ?! And if I don’t fight my battles ?! Who will ? And. . . And even if they fight mine now , what about tomorrow ? What about the time when they have bigger battles of their own to fight ??
    2. This one is a simpler one :p
    Why did you choose this picture for the post ma’am ?


  3. Dear drnighsky ,
    It is hard to be the first resistance a child has to fight. Mothers can not be that or I can not be. Only siblings can teach you to fight by fighting you. I was always a role model by fighting my battles. I seldom taught anyone how to fight by fighting them , sometimes it can break the relationship. I think the picture shows that truth is a paradox. and it depicts this relationship between siblings.
    Thanks for the comment.


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