Your eyes remind me of my father

Your arms remind me of my mother…

The way you betrayed me reminds me of my elder brother

The way you tease me feels like a long lost lover

The way you make amends reminds me of

the way I mend clothes that I did not tear

The way you attack strategically

reminded me of Sun Tzu

I renounced predictions while

the war was going on like Confucius.

Something about any one new

often reminds me of  someone familiar

Does it mean they are?

We always repeat our selves

Our own favorite jokes or songs

Or flavor of the ice cream or toppings on a pizza

Does it mean, what happened then

is what is happening now?

You mean to say I never learnt a single lesson?

I passed the test of time for nothing?

Why do you always want to follow a…

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