Liebster Award

I have to thank tumbling words for nominating me for this award.
I nominate the following bloggers for the award.







7. https;//




1)Who is your favourite book character and why?
Hannah Schmitz of Bernhard Schlink’s Reader is one of my favorite characters. The false pride to hide her illiteracy actually got her imprisoned. And when she truly gets educated and understands the enormity of her crime , she kills her self. And the mixture of mother and lover that she was to the young man who becomes a lawyer and finally wonders about how if the right time gets missed , if some thing comes too late , it loses its significance. The vulnerability of Hannah Schmitz and her zeal to read moved me to tears, since I have had to face serious difficulties though not of finance during my education and wondered why cant people let a person who wants to study , just study ?

2)Are you a ‘cup half full’ or ‘cup half empty’ person?
I am an optimist , would not see the day today otherwise.

3)Who scares you more, Trump or Clinton?

4)What is your favourite comfort food?

5)Which piece of music lifts your spirits?
T.R .Mahalingam’s flute, BhimsenJoshi’s raga, Beatles , Norah Jones, Cat stevens , Bertie Higgins, Jackson, very exhaustive assortment of Indian Classical , western pop .

6)What is your middle name?
It refers to a village from where my father hails, Kanugodu(it means a village in a forest)

7) What is your favourite quote?
To be vulnerable is to live , to withdraw is to die – By Jiddu Krishnamurthy

8)Do you believe there is something after death?

9)Which period in history would you most like to live in?
I prefer to live in the times I know , that is the present

10)Who/what do you love most in your life?
I love life and many people , tough to mention just one.
Besides I am a poet , since I hide my feelings. Love is the most vulnerable aspect of me, Can I keep it private ?

11)What makes you cry, and why?
I am a psychiatrist , I often spend hours trying to help some one who most needs it , like adult survivors of child abuse and suddenly the happy normal child emerges and they want to give me something , anything because I have somehow managed to deliver them back to themselves , that gratitude makes me cry. The actor in me helps me send back the tears to my lachrymal glands.

Now , the tough part of the award is I have to compose a list of questions for you .

1) When did you first start writing ? And what was it ? Who inspired you to write ?
2) What was the moment of ultimate disillusion for you ? How did you cope ?
3) Have you ever loved an animal ? And what did you learn about communication with out words from the animal ?
4) What is your favorite joke ? When have you laughed at your self , with out a tinge of sadness ?
5) Do you believe in a God ? A sort of universal energy ? Have you survived a time of Godlessness ?
6) Have you ever wanted to meet someone with out on lookers and ask this person something that could change both your lives ?
7) What is your favorite game ? Can you cope with losing ?
8) Who is your favorite philosopher ?
9) Have you ever lost some one you loved to death ? What does death mean to you ?
10) Do you have a teacher whom you remember with reverence ?
11) What gives you the ultimate security and comfort on a hard day ?

Hope you will enjoy reading these answers and questions. I am curious about your replies.
You can nominate other bloggers , newer ones with less than a year , here…..

Thank you for your love and reading.

11 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Love your answers! Thank you for accepting the award and taking the time and thought to put together such insightful replies. Have a great day!


  2. Thanks for remembering me for this but honestly I detest such ‘awards’. Nevertheless your questions are so intriguing that I will venture to answer them here.

    What inspired me to write.
    I commenced by writing ‘Her’ which is actually  the first post in my blog. It was posted on last December but the idea got impregnated in my mind during a trip to Kasol where I had a fortuitous encounter with the most enigmatic person and needless to say beguilingly beautiful. About inspiration, I am a curious being, Iast November I stumbled upon a book at my friend’s place and loved it (Animal Farm) that ignited an interest for reading which consecutively served as a catalyst for writing.


    Summers, 2014. Second year of college was coming to an end. Two days prior to departure, as I was engaged in the mundane routine of getting up at noon and transforming the entire lonely room into a ‘hot box’ I glanced at my reflection and realised that that the guy in the mirror was a stranger, a gaunt and filthy being. An abjected low life scum. Despair caught me first hand but a few friends came to the rescue. I quit everything in a single day, started lifting and I’m all clean ever since.

    Never loved an animal. I mean, there isn’t enough love for homosapiens for crying out loud, let alone spare some for canines or other species as well.

    “So there’s Papa Tomato, Momma Tomato and Baby Tomato walking along the street. Baby Tomato starts lagging behind, and Papa Tomato starts getting really angry. So, he turns around and squishes Baby Tomato and says, ‘Ketchup’ “.  

    Never been happy without a slight tinge of sadness.

    I’m an atheist. So, yeah, everyday is spent in  Godlessness.

    I have always wanted to meet my other half in such circumstances as you are trying to procreate and ask anything and everything, needless to say how it will alter our lives is inconceivable.

    You just made me sad. I don’t play any games anymore. When I did (football), I couldn’t bear losing at all.

    Seneca. Letters from a Stoic changed my life.

    Never lost someone. Death to me is liberation, all beautiful things must have an end, death makes life beautiful. Stoicism plays a crucial role in my perception of death.

    Yes, fortunately I do, my Economics teacher. The one who taught me almost everything, starting with alphabets, then grammar, addition multiplication, till economic policies. And also about moral decisions.

    Listening to Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve, my panacea.


  3. Thanks for your sincerity in answering these questions, much appreciated.
    I think this award was just to find bloggers find others who interest them , I liked that idea. Hence accepted it.
    I liked your view of death , I guess it is healthy , being a doctor I see death as a personal defeat and find it very hard to accept.
    I always think those who are good with words should spend time with some living beings who can not verbalize . Because it does connect to that pre-language part of you , that is truly silent. Bonding in silence is also life.
    I think at least one teacher , a real one is needed to make anyone truly educated , I am glad you proved my theory right !
    Thanks again , have a great day !


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