There was a time ,I wanted
a toy train whose chimney could smoke
and tracks that I could make
There was another time all I wanted
was that blue silk skirt and
a plait longer than hers
(I was a classical dancer , hated
using a plait of false hair. No comparison intended
to anyone living person )
I wanted that doll whose eyes closed
on my lap
the one whose mouth was silenced
by a pacifier ….
I even fancied how it would be
if you held me in your arms
And I wanted to die for love
Like Cleopatra for Anthony
Snake or disgrace
Anything for you , my Lord !
I did grow up
I out grew the need for toys
dolls included
I lost interest in games, your tricks.
I cut off my hands and grew new ones
Now you bring me what my former hands
may have wanted…
My silence is polite….

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