This is the story of a cow named as a doer of million good deeds…This cow with a naughty cheerful calf went grazing too far in the cultivated lands adjoining a forest and encountered a Tiger. The cow wanted to say Bye to her calf before being eaten by the tiger. Though Tiger doubted she would return , he let her go. True to her word she kissed her calf and asked her friends to take care of her calf. The calf asked her “Why should you go?” She said ” Truth is my mother, Truth is my father,Truth is my best friend and if I go back on my promise, there will be no truth in the world” She returned to the tiger “See, I have returned orphaning my calf to keep my promise” Tiger was filled with remorse, jumped off the mountains and died……
As a child it disturbed me that such promises could be made.
As I grew I realized that a cow could not fight the tiger and Tigers kill their prey but seldom commit suicide….

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