“May the daughter born to revenge and lust revive love for you”

Respectability is most sought
by those with out self respect
False prestige is the highest ideal
of those with out ideals
Honey trapping was a hobby that
ensured some money to the boy
who had resented the customers
of his mother’s flesh trade.
Stalking was an expression of
eyes that burnt , not understanding
that people could live for something
other than amenities.
Slander was the weapon to isolate
someone who had chosen
not to trust anyways…
Aging bestows a virtue of fidelity
to be lauded in the eyes of adult children
blessed with innocent amnesia of childhood
A body with an absent soul
finds a daughter behind the stage
looking desperately to resuscitate
a soul that has been on a mission to destroy
all that was good on earth , since he had known
only bad….
“Perhaps there is a way to be good again?”
I see him being reborn in her gentle eyes
hidden from the harsh lime lights that
she crafted for him…….

Foot note: Hasan was a symbol borrowed from Kite Runner of Khaled Hosseini.

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