I am tired of living this non life; there are no feelings in this desert of quicksand ….She read his SMS on the cell at 3.14 am. This is early morning worsening of biological depression, SSRIs can help.
No reply for 45 minutes.
Dear Miss Cure them all ….will you please shut up?
Stale mate is how scientific solutions were treated by him.
I was raped at 7 by a woman, and you were raped at 22 by a man
22/7 is Pi….Not divisible at all…..His Text
Sexual age = age at the time of abuse / chronological age x 100….
I am older and wiser; you need medicines….Her Text
Not involuntary admission?
Not Electro-Convulsive Therapy? —–His text
If the only way to save you is to stop being a doctor, then I will do that … Her text
Chronological age is applicable only if you have had age appropriate developmental experiences….But you preserved your innocence against experience……So you are younger than me,though wiser and a virgin. Very hopeless combo …..His text.
🙂 No one will believe you…her text

4 thoughts on “22/7

  1. nice poem. at the core of this poem is the age-old argument between formal and liberal/world education and the fact that keeping to the refinements/confineents of the one (formal) and the coarsity/causticity of the other (liberal) destroys your soul. nothing prepares you for life but organic experience, but experience is (contestable) maturity. like the children of vicar primrose learnt this lesson the hard way in ‘the vicar of wakefield’, your character realizes that some form of ‘education’, in this case rape, arrests your development and social (re)integration.


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