I am closing the doors
softly on the years
that will not return
I am walking away from whatever
made me feel young
I am putting down the
diary , where I anticipated
a meeting like rain on earth
full of green sprouts
I am abandoning the poems
that do not resolve conflicts
But remove the scabs of closed
wounds…even the itch has lost
the urgency…
I am silencing voices
that can never reconcile
Eyes that sparkled and lighted
everything around me
close their lids inside my
tired heart
The scent of a man lingers
on the veil embroidered
with fluttering rose petals

9 thoughts on “SCENT OF A MAN

  1. Beautiful.
    A sense if closure rises from this piece. Moving forward to bigger and better things is perhaps the next phase.
    Best wishes now and always. Closure is good for the soul! 🌷


  2. the poem ends on a haunting note. i have never liked the symbolic pairing of men and veils. there is something about restrictions and violations that it connotes that isn’t good for the freedom of mind women need to blossom (in love) like the rose on the veil. i guess there are some wounds that will not heal or easily be erased in a process such as the one the persona has embarked on. the emotions emancipation and entrapment come through quite well in this piece.

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  3. There is a trap when you believe you can reform an enemy by love. And finally realise it is time to abandon the project that gives ruthless power to dishonest people with many masks….. whose faces do not exist. The veil as you so aptly recognised do not belong to the woman…….
    Closing eyes , is a previously used metaphor in my works…..
    We can not block insight by closing outer eyes.


  4. Poem has got some real deep meaning. It does not matter whether we love or hate the current situation. It will pass and by looking back we will understand few things about our current decisions. If one can learn and grow, one will always find strength from past experiences whether good or bad.

    Enjoyed it. Keep moving ahead


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