“You arranged to be married to a man who did not attract you! This is like honor killing of self…” I said nothing…” You found your self a cage, since you thought freedom was dangerous ?” I merely felt sad for the unprotected young girl. ” You actually married the first man who proposed , since you got tired of men who could not wait to put their hands on your body , while their wives were pregnant and older men who wanted to believe that you wanted it”He was furious…I looked out at the sky that was crimson….”You actually suspended thinking , since with all your smartness men always would compete..they thought beauty was safer with out brains and definitely no spunk. Actually you were never thoughtless, you never made a mistake” He seemed overwhelmed…”I did ! I wanted to dance”
So you married a man who never let you do anything that you liked…..What did he love about you ? What ??
I was always at the wrong place , at the right times….

One thought on “WHAT DID HE LOVE ABOUT YOU ?

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