That emotion can always be reversed ,
He mocked at her

He: You are trying to find a word
that can not be reversed
to describe a feeling
that is notoriously reversible
Palindrome for love ?
Grow up …
Move on….
Ageless love ?

She: Of Course , Abelard and Heloise.
Heloise actually said
” Let me be your whore”
and he married her….

He: They lived in letters
They loved in letters
Was that love or fantasy ?
Their tombs were united
By Miss Bonaparte much later
Professor Higgins is real.
Ego is evidence.

She was furiously indignant
Not every man is
Professor Higgins of Pygmalion..
Bernard Shaw was merely writing a play
It is far from real.

The argument progressed

She:Penelope turned down 108 suitors
Till odysseus returned

He: Homer was blind

Another round of applause………

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