Tess of doubtsville

“Angel,I married you to tell the truth,nothing but the truth and only the truth. I can not plead guilty” cried Tess. He conducted the trial for five long years . She got accustomed to search for every crime she could have committed knowingly or unknowingly. Any desire she could have felt for an abuser . Those dark nights ended
“You were more wronged , you did not wrong I agree , but I can not accept you, since I wanted to marry guilt and reform it. What will I do with Innocence?” Angel left in search of the guilty men he could reform.
She did not murder the man who wronged her to prove her innocence. She refused to plead guilty.

( A satire on Tess of the D’urberville of Thomas Hardy the genius. Pardon the satire. Opposites often contain each other)

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