A diary that no one will read except me

Until I am dead for decades

A thought that no one will really care

Except you , even when I live

A corner where I can do

something small with out being

asked , shall I help ?

where I can forget my gender and be

counted as a person.

Eyes that do not judge me as modern ,

ancient , old, young, fat or thin with or

with out make up and more unspoken

categories, flinching me…

Ears that do not hear the words meant for another

Hands that shake mine , not always to follow

someone’s orders

Nor to show me that I am still in Antarctica and need


Tongues that speak the truth not merely to shame me or

remind me of a modesty I already have

Or out of jealousy that I did not warm their beds..

Legs that  follow me not to make me look

back where I came from

Arms that are not phantoms and can be held

before a pit fall

Airplanes that do not disappear

A space from where I do not wish to disappear

A room where doors can be closed

And no mistake or correction

is waiting to happen

A human being with such eyes, ears arms

hands legs waiting for me


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