Be the Poem

Don’t take a stand

Create a wave…….

Do not ripen to a fruit

Remain a flower to be seen

Don’t be an eye

Be a vision……


Do not become a pond

Be the fish

Do not become a river

Be the boat……

Do not become the sky

Be the star

Do not become the moon

Be a moonbeam


Do not be the wind

Be the fragrance

Do not be a fire

Be the lamp

Do not be a forest

Be the small nest

Do not drift as a cloud

Be a drop of rain

Do not develop distaste

Retain the taste


Do not be an empty bamboo stick

Become a flute to sing

Do not become a concrete city

Be the water supply

Do not become restricted

Move on

Do not be a brush of paint

Be the piece of art

Do not become a poet

Be the poem

BY .K.H.SRINIVASA ( My father , my best friend) 

Translated by Vyjayanthi

sorry Dad I became a poet and not a poem……!



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