I did not speak

Tongue was motherless

Words were not in use

They were not given nor taken

Feelings were not classified

Nor advertised .

Sparks were meant to cook

To scare the wild on their prowl

They did not glare like the radium

Numbers of a new alarm clock

Skin of the dead tame beasts

Camels , deer or sheep for warmth

Nudity was neither a shame

Nor an invitation

Just an attitude

Paper was not money

Nor a love letter

It did not exist

Charcoals were not burning

The cave would not open

Memory was not lost , I was…..

It was all a fog

Stones did not speak at that age…….


2 thoughts on “STONE AGE

  1. An interesting “vision” of what many in academia and science believe (hence most now believe through universal education) to have been the case in pre-history.


    1. Thanks for your views. I was trying to express that there is a prehistoric silence before words scream out of papers. Language was invented as a cry …..Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.


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