You left me behind

In my father’s garden

Conquests of another kind

Beckoning you to hasten


The long wait was an ordeal

Tales of your splendid success

Did no longer appeal

Since I could not suppress

Regrets for my transgress


As the flowers in your garland

Withered in my room

The blooms of your love

Flowered in my womb


A blessing to revel and rejoice

Witnessing curses of a monk’s voice


As you offered your prayers

My gold ring slipped in watery layers

A huge fish swallowed

All dreams of my tomorrows


Recalling your endearments

In the court of Ten Commandments

Humiliated by your disbelief

Reunited with mother for some relief


Love child being born

Love was being torn


Under the bridge flowed lots of water

Heeding your pleas my son did offer

To your country his name

A love child, he was once my shame

“BHARATH’- Named after the prince born to shakunthala in gandharva vivah (wedding witnessed by angels!)

This poem is dedicated to Ms Christine Krishnaswamy , who was my teacher of poetry (2006)  and insisted that I write a poem that rhymes, and I had forgotten that !

Thank you madam…..






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