Just because father chose a servant as my mother I became a writer.


I was a coward I chose a pen instead of a sword.


If you see some letters in blood it is mere illusion, I am not a fighter.


I merely watched others fight.


Those who are always defeated are not called fighters.


Those who run away from war front are cowards.


Those who kill their brothers, fathers, teachers, nephews are brave.


Those who learn strategies in the womb delay their birth.


They enter a whorl of arrows can not emerge out.


Illegitimacy of birth is armor, a debt to repay the mother with death.


Only the legitimate can fight for their rights…


Brotherhood is in sharing one woman. Step brothers unite in this step. Sharing a feeling or sharing a bed or sharing a plate of food it is all the same.


It is moral to gamble when you are a king…after all biggest bid is a kingdom, it was not earned, it was inherited.


It is moral to bid a woman’s chastity in court…..she is also your brother’s wife…all brothers share her.


When brothers born to different fathers can share her, brothers born to different mothers can also share her. If that was not a violation why is this a violation? If five can marry one why not multiply it by 20?


When you have blind parents……..a mother who pretends to be blind ……you can rape a woman in front of her. Pretenses can not be cured.


Disclosure in a court of law ……….rape is the evidence. Judge is also a witness.


Crime is a proof in it self.


Cowards ride the chariot of Gods.


When God drives a war head………Head of the family sleeps in a cot of arrows.


He fathered by valor…..his solemn promise was not to lose his sperms in an offspring and find brides for his step brothers.


His blood is all over the battlefield……..grandsons or sons …….born to brother’s wife or daughter’s husband……………death is not partial ………children are united in death.


Five villages for five brothers born to five Gods and one woman …….asking for little. Five brothers could share one woman’s womb and also share one woman’s bed , but not one village.


Five brothers could bid one woman’s chastity and recover it with out war.


But they could not recover the kingdom with out war.


        Even God never spoke of love except in childhood.














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