I am not a book ,

You can’t read me in one night

You can not flip through the pages

Nor skip some paragraphs

You can’t tear the unwanted pages

You can’t read the end and pretend to understand

You can not re-read the passion

Nor revisit the sorrows

To quench your thirst for the extreme

You can’t see all my letters

You can’t burn them nor

Redirect them to me

You can not enter me

You can not bind me in a cover

Put a clean label and own me

You can not put me on a shelf

Among others ,generously

Calling me as your favorite

You can not translate me

In to your mother -tongue

And parade me like your child

You can not discard me as finished

Completely read like the digests of  last year

You can not recommend me to your friends

Nor donate me to a library

I am not a book , but you can still hold me…..

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