These  lanes look busier

Some lanes are new

A flyover wherever there was

Only one road

That was not to be entered

yet was an exit ….

The trees that did not interfere

With road expansion

Are left behind



Hoardings of jeans or luxurious


Light up the night

Pictures open and close their

eyes  in a spa…..

Pouting lips

Exposed cleavages

Soaking with light

The empty roads

From the roof tops


Friends do not cry over love

Or lack of it .

They  did  follow the time table

No time or place for an affair

With whom?

The question is seldom asked.

Even when intense eyes meet , it could

Have been just a business transaction


Husband picks up children

From piano classes

So it is not an out of order


They survived the marriage….

It functions like a reliable refrigerator


A snore in the next bed

Is love

Other than the home loans

Repaid every month


Face book profile

Has no wrinkle

It is searching for an ignored


A conveniently married

Heart beats

Lines never crossed

Continue to be stretched….


Suddenly it is time for reunions

What did we learn in those rooms?

Now we learn awkwardness

With out uniforms

Now, teachers don’t say “Silence “

They say, “Thank you for sharing “


We search for words

That we never spoke



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