Moon slipped out of the

Dark palm of the night

Her light belonged

Only to her

She said.

That relentless cycle of being

Made and unmade

to grow and shrink

tired her .

She was merely an observer

of the game of life

Chlorophyll ,did not

eat her light

No one grew up

Just for her

Men did not become fairer

By her light

They were colored by the

harsh sun

Beds in which she shed

her light

She saw nude pain

Ruthless entwined


She silently moved out

of the sky

Millions of stars stared

Helplessly .

Rabbits on earth

Multiplied continuously

They feared

Her kind of loneliness

Oceans fell by several feet

Withdrawing their white margins

Moving inside

searching for her reflections

tightly embraced by

maternal shells …….



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