Day loved night

With the tenderness of a bride

Who knows not her bride groom

But believes in finding

All that can be found in him


If he was all that she was not

He had no shine, no mirth

No laughing pieces of gold

She longed to give her self to him

Hence show off her splendor

Night grimly wondered

What was she like

Was she like his moon

Who soothed his loneliness

He could drown her

As dictated by his whim

At first he had to see her



So they met , Day made him laugh

At first she lighted up shyly

Growing bolder by the minute

She touched him softly

She teased him

He was angry  , he left

That was the break of the day


Day burned for him ,

Opened scorching eyes

Whole world on fire

When she could burn no more

He was drawn to her fatigue

He caressed her hot lashes

Closed heavy eye lids

Pressed her tired limbs

Healed her in silent embrace

He was the power on whom

People rested , she was the play

For whom people lived

She rested on him

He played with her

Resting on him , people had made him restless

Playing with her , they had tired her

She hurt him giving him no play

He hurt her giving her no rest

He had come to her , he could not leave her

He couldn’t be him self with her

He had given her all he could

And let her call it her own

Does evening belong to day or night ?

But that was the end of the day

And beginning of night

Lonely night grimly

watched the moon

Mingle and dwindle in him

He saw pieces of day

in her …………



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