Her -Story

Amba burnt her self

Alive, she was conquered (?)

Against her will

With out her consent

By one man , for another man

From her man……


Sita walked through fire

To prove her fidelity

To prove that she did not

succumb to Stockholm syndrome


Draupadi  is remembered

for marrying five men

And being disrobed before

hundreds of brothers


Who was supposed to burn salwa or Amba ?

Who was unhurt Rama or Sita ?

Who defined Draupadi ‘s sexual choices ?


I meet  the same women

after centuries…

Out side  Amar Chithra

Katha comics

Not in tune of Hari Katha

In less sexy attires

In the green gowns

of Intensive care units….

In burns ward , slit wrists

Ligatured necks

Fractured hips……

I ask  them , can you find

another way ?

Can you stop being angry

with your selves ?

Can you forgive desire ?

Can you stop repeating

History ?

Can you spare my memory ?


Sometimes they rewrite

their stories ….

My lips curl in a weak smile….





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