They name years after animals

Dog year ,ox year , year of the Rooster

So that much passion is left

In this year

In this last wild month of dog year


Call it Yin or feminine

And break the line

All the lines cloth line

Head line, including the life line


I can call it food and untangle the

knots of noodles , sticks straighten

them, swallow them like worms

swallow them like worms

And say Acuna Machado

Like a lost frightened lion cub


I can make manchow soup

put it in  white porcelain

Saying it is  an experiment

In a petri -dish ,taste it.


Watch the peaceful ambassadors

with bald heads and long plaits

Small puffed eyes like Huen-Tsang

Who may never sing


I can make pleated skirts

From their fans for dolls

Or veils to hide the rejection fears

In a bridal sketch .


A culture of drinking tea

And recall ceremonies

Hearing the wind

In chiming bells


If the perfect man is in china ,

It is in this planet . Loyalty of

this year licks recent wounds

hidden in the weeks of the weak end


I don’t think the perfect man

In China can have your discerning


He may not be perfect.



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