In that childhood school of dance

Once a week was Geetha Govind

Once in six months was a program 

Red lipstick ,black kajal 

Long plait of false hair 

Tall girls of tenth standard

Became the Krishnas with ten avtars

I was always little jealous Radha

Of only one avtar 

Your eyes , nose, hands , mouth 

All speak , amidst sixteen thousand gopikas

You are the only twinkling Radha

Cajoled my dance teacher 

Never letting me to be Krishna

Krishnas pleaded , 

Dehi pada pallavam Udarum !

( Place your feet on my head , generously )

And fell at my feet again and  again

I ran away angrily  again and again 

This monsoon ,I put my Krishna in the cradle

Nostalgic ache over never being the Krishna

Amidst sitar, Veena , Tabla

Despite ten holes ,never having learnt to sigh 

Nor moan , was the silent flute 

I picked it in my hands……….

( Thank you madam Anantha Lakshmi , my Sanskrit , Maths teacher and the lady who mothered Radha in me, and made me forgive Krishna )

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